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Thanks for visiting my website. By way of introduction, a background in musical comedy, eight years in the military, a stint as a clown at the famed Cirque Medrano in Paris where I lived and worked for six years, have left their mark – I’ve been a performer since the age of four. The martial arts, now more specifically aikido, Japanese calligraphy and the Japanese language are also a preoccupation. The process of polishing the spirit as in Zen swordsmanship applies to the actor’s and writer’s craft as well, in my view.

I believe we need to stay focused and aware at all times to make the most of this life, to connect and be in the moment. As serious as all this sounds, balance is necessary, humor invaluable, and to go a step further, a sense of the ridiculous is the sublime. One secret to a satisfying life has got to be taking one thing at a time and always learning something new. My motto is, it’s always now and it’s never too late. Continued training in martial arts, acting and learning the screenwriter’s craft keep me on my toes. Storytelling and the parallels of these disciplines is abundantly clear.

Languages are a fascination and along with speaking French, I’m always trying to learn more German, Spanish and even Danish. I coach young actors and returning veterans in my spare time and am a third degree black belt in aikido - and poker! Kidding! But poker and chess are definitely passions, along with Japanese calligraphy and the Foreign Film Committee for the Oscars. I’m also on the Executive Committee for the Student Academy Awards.

Take a few moments and examine my site. I wanted you to get to know me a little more personally than just listing my credits. Have a great day and a great life.

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